My house is glass, and I've got rocks in my pockets.

Here, you'll find my ramblings of all kinds, from blogs in which I talk about the process of writing, to book reviews as I go through my...

search for the ultimate hallmark story

...which is my attempt to find the literary equivalent to the feeling that a perfectly balanced good-bad Hallmark movie makes me feel. Perhaps someday I'll make a page for this site compiling my favorite films in the category. For now, know I'm measuring all Hallmark-style stories against the absolute platonic ideal: The Spirit of Christmas.

Right now, I'm tackling a trio of teal romance novels I picked up from the local library. The titles are...

Stay tuned for my thoughts on each book!

There seems to be a bit of a graphical trend here...

For those passing through that aren't interested in writing, I'll soon have up a gallery of funny and useful GIFs I find in my travels, many of which from the lovely Internet Archive's Gifcities.

If you've got anything to say, or any GIFs you think I'd like to add to my gallery, swing by my Tumblr and shoot me a message! That'll be my solution until I set up a guestbook comment spot here. (Can you tell that I'm still figuring out where I want everything?)

The site's still a work in progress, but go read my first review and my first blog post while you're here!

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